Dapper Dan

Dapper Dan Club of Allegany County is a longtime friend and supporter of The League. Two of their fundraising events that benefit The League are listed below.  The Dapper Dan is a wonderful organization dedicated to helping children in the area.  If you, or someone you know, played Little League baseball in Cumberland then you have the Dapper Dan Club to thank!  Their committment to the community and children is exceptional.


Each year Dapper Dan Club sponsors the
"Dapper Dan Awards Banquet"
 "Steak Feed"
 Proceeds Benefit The League for Crippled Children



13th Annual Dapper Dan Steak Feed is coming up on Friday, June 1st at the Ali Ghan Shrine Club Picnic Grounds.
Please support The Children's League and Dapper Dan Club.
Tickets are on sale at The League office, Donation is $100.00. Ticket admits 2 people.

Sunday, February 25, 2018 at the Ali Ghan Shrine Club
with proceeds benefiting
The Children's League

A wonderful evening to honor and recognize the area's best youth athletes.
Thanks to Dapper Dan for their support and another successful banquet
Congratulations to all award recipients!


Congratulations to League patient Grady Rizer for being selected as the
2017 Dapper Dan Child of the Year!

Article printed in the Cumberland Times-News - 02/20/18
CUMBERLAND — Grady Rizer will be honored as The Children’s League, Dapper Dan Child of the Year at the 69th annual Dapper Dan Awards Banquet on Feb. 25 at the Ali Ghan Shrine Club.
Grady is 15 years old and resides in Rawlings with his parents, Jody and Roger Rizer. He receives special education services at Fort Hill High School. “I have known Grady for approximately eight years,” said teacher Brett Scott. “He has never spoken an audible word, but lets you know exactly what he is thinking. He speaks volumes through his facial expressions and actions, and has his own special way of expressing himself to parents, friends, nurses, teachers, etc. He has a way of lighting up a room when entering, especially with his smile.” 
Grady is involved in the Football Buddy Program. His football buddy is Trey Bishop, who said, “Grady doesn’t get the chance to be in the spotlight. I’m glad I can give him and his family a chance to experience even a small part of it. I am beyond grateful to have gotten to know him and his family.” 
Shortly before Grady was born, a sonogram indicated that he was losing weight. At birth he weighed just 4 pounds and he had an immediate seizure and was admitted to Ruby Memorial Hospital. Before his first birthday, Grady was admitted to Ruby Memorial eight times, had a genetics evaluation at Johns Hopkins Hospital and was on 12 different medications. No diagnosis other than cardiomyopathy and a seizure disorder had been given for his health issues and motor delay.
His first orthopedic clinic visit at The Children’s League was at 10 months old. He had difficulty holding his head up and lacked extension of his fingers and knees with some ankle rigidity and decreased elbow flexion. He received physical and occupational therapy though the Infant & Toddler Program and now receives physical therapy at the League in order to maintain suppleness of his joints.
Grady received hand splints, a feeding tube, a specialized wheelchair and other medical equipment. When he was 6 years old, he had a vagal nerve stimulator surgically implanted to help reduce his seizures. He was eventually diagnosed with a mitochondrial disorder. In 2015, he was diagnosed with scoliosis and hamstring contractures and he recently recovered from a broken leg. Grady continues to be closely followed by The Children’s League.
“For the 14 years that I have known Grady Rizer and his parents, I have never once heard a complaint or a ‘why me?’” said Cathy Growden, executive director of The Children’s League. “The Rizer family has risen above what might stumble others. Without hesitation they have embraced the difficulties Grady’s health has presented them and are so very thankful for their amazing son. Sometimes the most important and best things in life are learned through knowing someone with a disability.”
Anyone who has the pleasure of knowing him knows just how very special this young man is, Growden said.
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